Contact persons

Contact persons for special topics

Do you have special questions? Members of our association with special knowledge on specific topics are available to answer your questions.

  • For questions regarding delirium and intensive care diary, please contact Mr. Nydahl
  • For questions regarding neurocognitive impairments, please contact Mr. Köhler
  • For questions regarding amputations after sepsis, please contact Mr. Trumann
  • For questions regarding severe disability and care law, please contact Mr. Leisgang
  • If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Regional groups

In recent years, Deutsche Sepsis-Hilfe has continuously worked to expand its services regionally. Currently, there are contact persons in various regions of Germany and in some of them there are already active regional groups. You are welcome to contact the person responsible for your area.

Contact person for the North Region
Arne Trumann

Regional group - West
Marc Dubreuil

Regional group - Franconia
Bernhard Leisgang, Stefan Müller

Regional group - Berlin
Petra W., Maria K.

Regional group - Mitte
Frank Köhler

Regional group South Region
Rita Wegmann