Acute counselling

Acute phase of sepsis and many worries and questions?

In the acute phase of sepsis, most patients are treated in the intensive care unit. As they have to be put into an artificial coma for ventilation, they are usually unresponsive. This is an extremely demanding and difficult situation for patients' relatives and friends, as the rapid onset of sepsis with its accompanying massive deterioration takes them by surprise.

Many questions then arise and do not allow the relatives to rest:

  • What is an artificial coma? Why does artificial respiration have to be performed?
  • Why are the arms and legs so swollen (oedema)?
  • Why does dialysis (blood washing) have to be done, the kidneys have always been healthy?
  • Why is the cause of the infection still not found?
  • And finally, and always the same question: when will it get better?

For these and other questions, Deutsche Sepsis-Hilfe offers acute counselling - support in the acute phase of sepsis.

Looking for help?

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Talking to former sepsis patients and their relatives can be a first helpful approach to better understand and process the acute situation. In addition, Deutsche Sepsis-Hilfe, under the direction of Prof. Brunkhorst, also offers qualified medical advice free of charge. This includes expertise in intensive care medicine and internal medicine as well as infectiology. Infectiological expertise is very important, because without rapid identification and treatment of the focus of infection as the cause of sepsis, there is no prospect of improvement.

Some doubts and worries can be removed or alleviated by this. At the request of the relatives, an attempt can also be made to establish a conversation with the attending physicians. This is only possible if the relatives ask the treating doctors to contact the office of Deutsche Sepsis-Hilfe directly.

Deutsche Sepsis-Hilfe has years of experience in this situation. We advise in the acute phase of sepsis around the multitude of questions about the possible causes, the necessity of intensive medical treatment measures and the prognosis. Discussions with the attending physicians are usually not sufficient to keep fears, doubts and hope in balance. That is why we support you, from patients for patients and medically competent.