We offer a variety of services to support those affected and their relatives. These are independent of membership in our association.


Every year, the Sepsis-Hilfe receives about 300 enquiries from affected persons, relatives and interested parties. The main focus is on questions concerning the recognition and avoidance of sepsis, the acute phase, late effects and rehabilitation possibilities. Often the wish for contact to other affected people is expressed.

Looking for help?

Here you can find contact persons to answer your questions.

Do you also have questions about sepsis? You are welcome to contact us. We will try to answer your questions. Please use one of the following options:

Sepsis hotline:
0700 7377 4700

You can contact us on weekdays from 08:00 to 21:00 and on weekends/holidays from 09:00 to 21:00. During regular office hours, you can reach the office staff at the specified number. From 16:00 and on weekends/holidays, our volunteer members are available to offer advice to affected persons, relatives and those seeking help.

Enquiries by email
You are also welcome to send us your request by email at We will try to process your request as quickly as possible.

Personal meetings

Self-help lives above all from personal conversations and getting to know each other. Exchange, training, support, help, common ground - these are central concepts in our modern self-help.

Get in touch with others - you are not alone!
Information about upcoming events can be obtained from the office or our homepage.

General meeting of members
Every year in spring, we hold our big association meeting to which all members are cordially invited. Even if you are not a member of our association, participation as a guest is possible by prior arrangement. Get to know us personally and benefit from the exchange with other affected people. We look forward to seeing you.

Regional group meetings
Not everyone can undertake long journeys after sepsis, even if they would like to. For this reason, we also try to offer regional meetings. You are also welcome to attend these meetings as a guest.

Nationwide events on the topic of self-help
Visit the Deutschen Sepsis-Hilfe booth at nationwide events on the topic of self-help.

Contact with other people affected

Would you like to get in touch with other people affected by sepsis? We will try to put you in touch with other people affected, if possible from your region. Please contact the office.

Information material

Would you like more information? We will be happy to send you our free information material. Please contact the office.

Information & help:

Here you can download our
information brochure as a PDF file (2.8 MB) free of charge.