Volker Herrmann, Jena

My wife Inge-Marie which is also a member of the German Sepsis Aid suffered from a septic shock with multiple organ failure in 2002. Her disease came up within just a few minutes, but the cause of infection was never found. With my daily visits at the bedside I could accompany her through intensive care, follow-up care and rehabiltation.

During this time I have experienced a lot of positive things but on the other side also a great need for improvement. Some things went wrong after intensive care and I became more attentive. However, I'm very thankful, that my wife has overcome the disease this well. But we both couldn't stop thinking about sepsis ... 

Among others, my wife and I belonged to the foundation members of the German Sepsis Aid in 2007. As sepsis is more commonly known meanwhile, we would be very happy if more members would join the German Aid. Any support is welcome!

Best regards, Volker Herrmann