Rita Hofheinz, Munich

With regard to my professional background, sepsis is of course an omnipresent topic in my daily work life. However, the German Sepsis Aid caught my attention at an intensive care congress wich took place in Hamburg in 2006 where also the problems faced by relatives of sepsis patients had been addressed. 

At that time, I myself was a relative of a sepsis patient. Not least because of Prof. Brunkhorst's most impressing commitment I decided to get involved more intensly with this topic, to regulary attend relevant congresses and finally to organize a sepsis congress in Munich myself.

In my function as the head of the critical care nurse training program it is important to me to sensitize the ICU staff to the situation of the relatives. Furthermore I like to make them understand the specific characteristics of sepsis, the severe sepsis sequelae and also the possibilities of rehabilitation.

By doing this and also due to my personal experiences I hope to create the highest level possible of understanding for the problems of the ICU nursing staff and on the other side for the expectations of the relatives.

I very much appreciate the German Sepsis Aid being an effective and professionally grounded forum to raise public awareness about this severe disease.

Yours sincerely, Rita Hofheinz