The German Sepsis Aid

Who we are

Our duties

Who we are

The German Sepsis Aid (DSH) is the first organisation worldwide for sepsis patients and their families, whereas the German Sepsis Society is a medical specialists association.

Foundation and members

Our non-profit association, based in Jena, was founded in 2007 by members of the patients initiative. There has been no such an institution or contact point for patients and their families before. 

Our members are sepsis survivors, relatives and surviving dependents. But also friends and supporters joined us to support the work of the German Sepsis Aid and sepsis research. They all regularly meet to exchange experiences, to discuss problems, to help each other or to take part in training courses. 

We all fight for increased awareness about sepsis and against its often severe sequelae! 

Our duties

The purpose of the association is to represent the interests of patients having suffered from sepsis, their relatives and all interested parties. Men and women who have experienced sepsis theirselves give psychosocial support, provide information and help following the principle of "sepsis patients helping sepsis patients".

This is achieved by:

  • providing psychosocial support
  • giving advice concerning the strengthening of body resistance
  • suggestions to improve quality of life and help for self help
  • information about social assistance, insurance and disability laws
  • representing interests regarding social and health policy.
  • all kinds of activity that comply with the purpose of the association
  • public relations and publication and distribution of newsletters, brochure and flyers
  • training courses for members of the German Sepsis Aid
  • cooperation with physicians, nursing staff, authorities, health insurance companies, pension and insurance providers, hospitals, basic and clinical research institutions
  • support of members and other sepsis patients and their families in different relevant fields


Together we are strong!

Please support our work with a donation or by becoming member of the German Sepsis Aid!